Welcome to the new site! As you can see a lot has changed, our main service is moving towards garment printing for schools, fashion brands and uniforms. The new site shows this off with 3 main banner images and a massive slideshow on the homepage. As well as a short and sweat bio of who we are and what we offer. Each and every image / banner is linked to an information page or product page that relates to the image. Our header now includes links to a personal profile for regular customers to use in order to track previous orders or access downloadable products. Of course, the blog is also contained here too. Along with the ability to compare products right across the site, and search for products or pages whatever section you're in. The site footer includes more information and access points than ever, including all three major social media links, our history, contact us, our services and many more. The new site aims at being more seamless and easy to use. Less clicking around to get to your destination, and a much more enjoyable experience. It is pretty safe to say, it does exactly that! Developments are still to come, including a business database and more. All feedback and if so, any problems are welcome via our contact email or phone number. Many Thanks James Gaskin Managing Director