Search Engine Optimisation is considered to be one of the many goldmines regarding the success of natural traffic to your website. But the questions many sceptics ask is, does it really work? Are backlinks really up to 80% of SEO? Is it worth the stack of money it costs to outsource? From our experiences, we have been able to see minor differences as a result of pretty major SEO work. Although, after significant backlinking and affiliation work. Admittedly our natural traffic improved. Not just in search engines, but from our affiliates websites too. How can you backlink and affiliate? -Our advice would be to start with the fundamentals, get in touch with businesses and other websites that may have a similar audience. Negotiate affiliate deals, agree to link to their website too, use their images on your pages. This is often considered a win win for both parties. There is simply no harm in having a section of your website that is dedicated to affiliating with fellow websites, it has no negative effects and many positives. -Blog, just like we do. Our blog for us is, a great bit of fun, great SEO, the best way to stay relevant and a new way to interest with customers and fellow businesses. The key element being it's one of the best ways to stay relevant, while having a bit of fun reading and writing about the latest trends. As well as writing your own blog posts, you can also comment on others, this shows you are reading into various subjects and many blogs will allow you to post your website when you sign off you comment. That's a backlink ready for the taking! -Our final tip is to submit yourself to public directories! It's boring, we know. But it's free and lasts for eternity.